Mega Yacht Blue Moon – UPDATED

Mega Yacht Blue Moon – UPDATED

This 198′ beauty (2002 Feadship)  was docked at Frink Park in Clayton.  According to one source, the Owner was there looking at property in the islands.  The owner, Mr Duchossois commissioned Donald Starkey to design the yacht  including interiors, which was built by RVL.   The naval Architect was De Voogt International. Hogarth has supplied 24 carat lights for this $50M mega yacht and there is an installed Vitalink 1200 telemedic system.  She is equipped with two 1650 hp Caterpillar diesel engines, and an elevator that is reminiscent of Startrek.  Luxist has some interior shots of the boat.

If you love Blue Moon, like we do, check out these other photos and comments by many fans.

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  1. wingsblings Says:

    I saw this boat it was amazing! 116 some ft seriously i dont know how you could drvie that thing through the bahamas man

    btw i think this website is soo awesome you must have put a lot of time into this

    i will come to see further pictures

  2. River Girl Says:

    Please let us know if you see Blue Moon in her travels.

  3. Donald Says:

    She s in Montreal old port

  4. River Girl Says:

    @Don Thanks for the info. Let us know if you have any pictures you would like posted.

  5. CB Says:

    “She” is still in the Montreal old port. “She” is just huge and magnificent…

  6. Ask the Boater Says:

    See our current contest and let us know if you have a photo.

  7. YMQ Says:

    Saw it in Montreal this week, Googled it and just found these.

    Pics not mine.

  8. admin Says:

    @YMQ A similar (or the same) photo was already submitted. Thanks for the link.

  9. Susan Jones Says:

    GEEZ! One time we were vacationing on Mackinac Island and I saw her as soon as i got off our ferry boat!!! I thought I was seeing a mirage!!! I have never seen SUCH a beautiful YACHT!!! It blew my mind!!! I only I had for such a GORGEOUS creature 😉 I just missed the tour of it and was really sad that I had,,, What a beautiful way to travel! I might have been drooling! Enjoy you luck!!
    Susan Jones


  10. Susan Jones Says:

    If only I could just spend 1 night in a yacht like this I would be in HEAVEN!!!

  11. Serge Says:

    the boat is in Quebec city harbor at the moment (July 28th).
    Does anybody know who the owner is?

  12. River Girl Says:

    @Serge, @Susan Jones
    Pls see our contest and email any photos you have of Blue Moon.

  13. mario Says:

    blue moon ,this week at old port quebec city 28-07-2009

  14. Theresa Owens Says:

    As I was crossing the Canso Causeway I saw this beautiful yacht approaching. After crossing the causeway I stopped to take pictures. The pictures were taken as the Blue Moon was close to the locks at causeway which is in Cape Breton Nova Scotia. The rocks in the foreground are part of the causeway.This was Monday August 3 2009 around 6:45 pm.

  15. Ask the Boater Says:

    @THeresa – sent you an email so you can send the photos and they will be entered into our contest!

  16. Kim Says:

    Blue Moon is in Vineyard Haven Harbor, Vineyard Haven, MA

  17. Ask the Boater Says:

    We are having a contest in case you want to enter. All you need to do is submit a photo of Blue Moon.

  18. steve Says:

    just returned home from Newport, RI and the Blue moon was at port in the harbor. My wife and i went on a dinner cruise and one of the employees on the cruise said it belongs to Nicholas Cage.

  19. Ask the Boater Says:

    We certainly have not heard that before, but it is interesting since he was once married to Lisa Marie Presley, and Elvis’s song – Blue Moon.

  20. Mark S Says:

    The blue moon is sitting in Newport rhode island. Beautiful ship among many other mega yachts

  21. Ask the Boater Says:

    Hope you can get a photo for the contest!

  22. Norbert Says:

    The nice Blue Moon yacht is now in Newport RI…

  23. Ask the Boater Says:

    We would love to see a picture if you have one!

  24. Ivy Westmoreland Says:

    I just returned from a 2 week vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and saw the Blue Moon docked in their marina. This is the most beautiful yacht that I had ever seen so I looked it up. How nice to sail in such fine piece of work.

  25. Phil Says:

    She’s in Friday Harbor, WA. She must really cruise. Mexico to the San Juan Islands in less than 10 days!

  26. lindy Says:

    she is in victoria BC :) on a beautiful sunny afternoon

  27. BoatWatcher Says:

    Blue Moon cruised under the Lions Gate Bridge this afternoon (Sat, June 12) into Burrard Inlet, Vancouver. What a yacht!

  28. Jen Says:

    The Blue Moon pulled up to moor at the dock near Lonsdale Quay this morning, right beside Dennis Washington’s Attessa III.

  29. Ivan Says:

    I’m the lighthouse keeper at Scarlett Point Lighthouse off the north end of Vancouver Island. She just went by here on her way to Ketchikan according to her AIS. What a beauty!!! I got a few photos and am just about to check them out. Cheers.

  30. Ask the Boater Says:

    Ivan pls send photos to info AT and we will post them.

  31. dan Says:

    She is in Ketchikan moored at Doyon’s landing. she is large but compared to the 4 to 7 cruise ships we get a day, not that big. Will go down and talk to the folks tomarrow.

  32. Greg Tindle Says:

    She is currently moored in Ketchikan Alaska. Been here for about a week. (July 10, 2010)

  33. Canadiansontour Says:

    Saw the Blue Moon at Lonsdale Quay in Vancouver June 27/28. A couple flew in on a seaplane, boarded and the Blue Moon left next day. So impressive, we took pictures of her from the hotel. On July 3, we left for our Alaska cruise and on July 8 as we were on the cruise, there she was in Ketchican harbor. As our cruise ship was leaving, we got pictures and once again saw a sea plane land and head in her direction. How amazing is that to see her in Vancouver and almost two weeks later in Alaska!!!

  34. Ask the Boater Says:

    Pls send any photos to info AT so we can all enjoy! :-)

  35. Mozelle Maness Says:

    I see the Blue Moon on my way to work each morning here in Ketchikan, Alaska. I stopped by to take a closer look….she is georgous! I spoke with one the crew and said they were welcome to join me on my daily tours of Ketchikan! I hope they enjoy their time here…we do.

  36. Alaska Sue Says:

    She’s a beauty! And is currently in the Auke Bay harbor near Juneau, Alaska!

  37. Liz Ziara Says:

    August 23…Blue Moon has been moored in Sitka, Ak for the last several days. My husband’s 48′ troller is moored to her aft. What a beauty!

  38. Bob Evans Says:

    Blue Moon is currently docked at Treasure Island, San Francisco….she’s a beauty…

  39. Ptown Says:

    I have been on this boat a few times…. its seriously amazing down to the smallest details. I felt like a KING while on it… still have my custom Blue Moon slippers that you wear on it…. c’mon you dont wear shoes on a vessle like this!!!

  40. Don Says:

    Blue Moon is at Treasure Island California ( San Francisco )

  41. wayneco Says:

    Blue Moon is currently docked at Treasure Island, San Francisco.

    Reminds me of Paul Allen’s Feadship, Meduse. My wife and I had dinner with him on in in St Barths a few years back, before he took possession of his superyacht Octopus which is the most amazing seagoing vessel I have ever laid my eyes upon.

  42. NateC Says:

    She was parked at Treasure Island last night in San Francisco!

  43. donald starkey Says:

    it’s a pleasure to read all the positive comments about MY DESIGN– Blue Moon. in the intro you refer to Design by RVL etc.
    The owner Mr Duchossois commissioned me to design the yacht which was built by RVL. the naval Architect was De Voogt International but what you see is Donald Starkey Designs work inside AND out! ! i would appreciate a correction. Thanks. Don.

  44. ashrkfn Says:

    Saw Blue Moon docked at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay on 11/4/10.

  45. Gerard Says:

    Wow. We saw this yacht by accident when touring Treasure Island to see the work on the new Bay Bridge. It is a beauty. See here a picture we took:


  46. Kyle Says:

    She is moored at the T head of M dock in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. Perfect view of her from the rail at the Tiki Bar. How do I get a tour??? We’ll be here all week…

  47. Jean Combs Says:

    Saw Blue Moon docked at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay on 11/4/10.

  48. Peggy Beeler Says:

    We saw the Blue Moon in Cabo November 26 – 28, 2010. It is so big we at first thought it might be a commercial boat for dinner and entertaining. A local told us that the Blue Moon is privately owned. WOW! Can’t imagine how much it would cost just to operate and staff.

  49. pat Says:

    le blue moon est en ce moment en Martinique au Marin.

  50. CBryant Says:

    Saw Blue Moon docked in Fort Lauderdale on 04/15/2011. She was beautiful!

  51. Ask the Boater Says:

    Pls send any photos to info AT so we can all enjoy! :-)

  52. Richard Saunders Says:

    It’s currently moored in Charleston South Carolina, nice looking boat! I’ll have two!

  53. linda Says:

    in montreal july 1 canada day, impressive yacht

  54. Nadine Says:

    I saw it in Montreal Old Port few hours ago. It is unbelievely gorgeous.

  55. Tony Says:

    Blue Moon was in Montreal yesterday July 1st on Canada day. Crazy boat!

  56. Johnny Santaguida Says:

    We were at the the old port in montreal on july 06 2011..wife and I sat for an hr or so and enjoyed the veiw of the Blue Moon..As boat owners we love the feelling of being free on the water and hopefully our dreams will come true as we work hard every day to our goals to retirement,so we can live on the water to the open sea…

  57. Shannon Says:

    Just saw this boat heading west on the St. Lawrence. We’re near the Brockville area. Who owns it??? It is stunning. I wish I’d had my camera handy for pictures!

  58. jonny Says:

    Blue moon just went by Clayton, NY in the Thousand Islands again today, July 8, 2011 at 2:00.

  59. PDS Says:

    Saw her just off the shore of Alex Bay, N.Y. Very beautiful as she sailed past Boldt Castle

  60. Donald J Van Epps Says:

    Blue Moon went by my house today[Juy8 2011]heading thru the American narrows up the St Lawrence river toward lake Ontario. I think I’ll buy it.For a second boat.

  61. Tam Marshall Says:

    Just saw her today in Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. She’s on her way to Michigan about 4 hours ago. Wow Googled it when I got home, there’s a special on until September to charter her, only $350,000-$375,000 plus expenses. A crew of 14! Elevator, 6 bedrooms, two boats, jetskis, 12 plasma TV, the list goes on!

  62. dbpage Says:

    Blue Moon just passed the US city of Detroit going up the Detroit River from Lake Erie to Lake Huron.

  63. tk Says:

    Blue Moon just went past Sarnia Ontario at 2:00pm

  64. Ron E. Says:

    It was upbound at the lower end of the St. Clair River, in the South Channel of Harsens Island at 1:40 p.m.

  65. Klaudia Savona Says:

    Saw the beautiful Blue Moon docked in the Welland Canal in Port Colborne on Sat. July 9,2011. That is one gorgeous ship. The detail in the woo work and staircases was something else. My only wish is that I could have seen the inside. I can only imagine…..

  66. jarhead Says:

    Blue Moon is about in Milwaukee according to my AIS. I saw her here a couple of years ago also.

  67. joel robinson Says:

    Just refueled her this morning 30k gallons @ Milwaukee, WI.

  68. Rich Says:

    The Blue Moon in currently docked in Milwaukee, WI for a few days.

  69. Larry Loomis Says:

    July21, 2011…Blue Moon just sailed past the northern beaches and harbors of Chicago this evening….

  70. TLN Says:

    Saw Blue moon out of my condo cruising in the inner harbor of Chicago last night, her owner`s home town. She`s a beautiful yacht and always a pleasure to see her in town.

  71. Kurt Says:

    It was docked in Milwaukee harbor last night.

  72. eric Says:

    Blue Moon was docked in Milwaukee WI river today August 7th. Saw from my boat while at Milwaukee airshow. What an impressive work of art!

  73. Husky Says:

    I was on the Blue Moon when she was just new back in 2002, we were on there for wedding shower. The best yacht I have ever been on!! We traveled up and down the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago for a dinner cruise and then went into the area of Navy Pier. Everyone on the pier was starring at this gorgeous yacht as she passed by, most of my family was standing on the bow, and it felt like we owned the yacht, what a wonderful feeling. No I don’t own the yacht, but it felt like I did. I do know the owners though. As PTOWN states above, yes you have to wear Blue Moon slippers or go barefoot, NO SHOES!!!

  74. Glenna Fukuda Says:

    Just saw the Blue Moon today at Burnham Harbor in Chicago,,,, Don’t even know how it can get through the harbor. What a beauty! It’s bigger than most houses.

  75. Harold Merton Says:

    Blue Moon passed our home on the St. Clair River heading downstream towards Lake St. Clair. We are located about 20 miles south of Sarnia/Port Huron.

  76. Ron Kalenuik Says:

    Just watch the Blue Moon passing thru lock 3 on the Welland cannel, just gotta say wow. She is now on Lake Ontario.

  77. Bob g. Says:


  78. Donald J Van Epps Says:

    Sept 19 3:30 p Blue moon gassin up at main dock in Clayton N Y. Will be passin my house in the American narrows, 1000 Islands. abt 9:00 AM. Sept 20.Headin N E to the Atlantic,passin by Montreal,then Quebec. What a beauty.

  79. Linda Gribuski Says:

    Just watched the Blue Moon motor by in front of our cottage in the narrows, Alexandria Bay. Beautiful yacht and beautiful pics.

  80. Donald J Van Epps Says:

    9 20 at 8:55 am just passed my house headin down river toward Atlantic.

  81. JLM Says:

    Blue Moon is now in Newport, RI

  82. Bill Flaskey Says:

    Wow! What a bute! Just saw this beautiful bitch right off of Barbuda. She is doing her thing and looking as sleek as a whistle!

  83. Lindsay Says:

    Saw blue moon at atlantis bahamas it was huge most beautiful boat ever! It was April 5 2012 I thought it was cool so I googled it! It was docked near harbor side resort!
    it is a Manson on water.

  84. William Says:

    In savannah now… Just passed my house on Wilmington river

  85. Lucas Says:

    Nice yacht currently docked in Montreal in the old port

  86. Carole Says:

    Le blue moon était au vieux port de Montréal. Wow superbe de beau bateau..

  87. Julie Says:

    It is in Montreal… at the «Vieux Port». It is an amazing yatch!

  88. Thomas walsh Says:

    I saw this thing in the Bahamas, it was crazy huge. What rank is it in the world?

  89. Pierre Says:

    Je viens de voir ce magnifique bateau passer devant chez moi. Il se dirigeait vers l’écluse de Saint-Lambert. Il est 8 hures 42 ce jeudi 2 août 2013.


  90. Aaron Says:

    We saw the Blue Moon today going through the locks of the Welland Canal. These locks take you from Lake Onatio, Canada into Lake Erie, Canada. What an impressive ship to look at. The owner and builders must be very proud.

  91. tmayer79 Says:

    Pulled into the parking lot at my home port at Harborside in Milwaukee and saw her tied up. Absolutely gorgeous

  92. Dawn Says:

    Was heading to Soldier Field yesterday, walking along the lakefront, saw the most stunning boat ever! Googled Blue Moon and found this, how awesome to track where she has all been. I believe the harbour in Chicago was Burnham harbour.

  93. NJ Says:

    I saw the Blue Moon on Lake St. Francis in the St. Lawrence River On Sept 13th.

  94. Joey Says:

    She’s back in Montreal Sept 15 old port

  95. luvn_travel Says:

    Sept 15, 2012. What a gorgeous ship! Saw her this morning in Old Port Montreal. She was refueling… 4 tanker trucks pulled up to refuel her!

  96. Steve Says:

    She is docked in Montreal at the moment. What a yacht!!!

  97. J Kromet Says:

    So where is the Blue Moon today? I would love to go and see it, she is marvelous!

  98. Rowan Marshall Says:

    Blue Moon is in Halifax tonight – she’s amazing :-)

  99. steve harned Says:

    Gorgeous yacht on the Halifax Nova Scotia waterfront this week.

  100. Chris Says:

    Just saw her in savana Georgia

  101. melanie Says:

    The blue moon is right outside my hotel balcony in savannah, ga. Amazing!

  102. John&Allison Fruits Says:

    Blue moon is here in Savannah Harbour now….beautiful boat! We are watching them slip out of their slippers now!

  103. John&Allison Fruits Says:

    Blue Moon is in Savannah Harbor right now..she is beautiful!

  104. Dan & Sue Stiles Says:

    Beautiful yacht. Saw her last week in Savannah, GA. We spoke briefly with a very courteous crew member.

  105. Kim Hansen Says:

    Blue Moon today 3/23/13 is Docked in St. Martin setting beside her is the Limitless, the largest private in the Us both Ships are Stunning…

  106. Pierre Says:

    Today, August 2, 2013 This incredible yacht is in Montréal. She is docked at King Edward Pier. It is my first chance to admire this yacht that closed. This is a must for yacht fans. My comment last year was mentionning the year 2013 by mistake. I would have never believed, it would be in Montreal on that specific date again.

  107. clayton Says:

    Blue Moon is docked in Clayton, NY, what a beautiful boat on the beautiful St. Lawrence River.

  108. Betty Says:

    The Blue Moon stopped in Clayton, NY and re-fueled here. She is absolutely beautiful! She WOW’s everyone wherever she goes!

  109. Lorraine Says:

    Saw her while visiting Singer Castle, on Dark Island, in the 1000 Islands. All I can say is WOW! She’s a beauty.

  110. Corvair Says:

    She’s now in Thorold, ON , heading south through the Welland Canal locks to Lake Erie.

  111. Tic Says:

    Just passes through St. Clair River. North bound into Lake Huron.

  112. Barbara Says:

    Bellesimo! Saw the Blue Moon docked in Clayton, August 2013 sorry I missed the Captain and it’s crew.

  113. Kevin McNamara Says:

    Blue moon is at Burnham harbor in Chicago parked next to perseverance ll

  114. DR Says:

    Saw Blue Moon today (8-25-13)at Harbor Springs, Michigan. Wow, incredible beautiful yacht. Quite impressive.

  115. glenn bothe Says:

    WOW ,Blue Moon incredible sight looked today and dreamed of the pleasure she gives .Chicago September 2 2013

  116. Susan Says:

    She Came through the Welland canal a few days ago. Pretty spectacular!

  117. Jeff Wiesendanger Says:

    Saw the Blue Moon 2/5/14 @ 12:54 PM going through Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas.

  118. Peter sepetanc Says:

    Morning just saw the blue moon passing our house in amherstburg Ontario at 8 am Tuesday August 5th. I have a picture but do. to know how to send or post

  119. Karen S Says:

    Saw the Blue moon traveling down the St. Clair river past Sarnia On. Aug 5 2014 about 7:30 P.M. heading out into lake Huron

  120. Karen S Says:

    I meant Aug 5 2014

  121. Bob Says:

    My family and I saw “Blue Moon” at Harbor Springs, Michigan. One Beautiful well kept Yacht!

  122. Mark Says:

    Blue Moon is docked in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Its been there for a day or two. WOW what a vessel. It dwarfs all the other multimillion dollar boats that are nearby.

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