Mega Yacht Lady M

Mega Yacht Lady M

This weekend, the motor yacht Lady M visited the area.  This 1994 Dutch-built yacht from Belize is 164′ long.  According to several websites, you can spend $180,000 to use her for 1 week.   There were rumors that Lady M belonged to Ringo Starr, which the paper said was not true, but others say is correct.  Listening to the Captain on the shipping channel they did quite a bit of touring in the islands and after spending the evening docked at Frink Park, they left, escorted out by a water spouting Clayton Rescue Fire Boat toward Carleton Island then to Kingston to spend the night.  While in the area, guests visited a home on Round Island and a small Clayton contingent including the Mayor and people from the museum went aboard the yacht for a private tour and party.  As always, all of our pictures are clickable to enlarge and many are also on Flickr.  Please leave a comment if you spot Lady M in her travels.

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  1. River Girl Says:

    Report just in that Lady M is in fact spending the night in Kingston and then leaving tomorrow for Port Dalhousie in St Catherines, Ontario at the entrance to the Welland Canal. On the way they plan to cruise the Adolphus Reach North Channel west of Kingston. Be on the lookout and send us an update or a picture!!

  2. techdude Says:

    WoW, That thing is HUGE.

  3. Art Rickan Says:

    The Lady M is currently tied up at the wall at the Dalousie Yacht Club
    and the crew are busy scrubbing down the hull and other duties at 11.30 am on tues aug19th.

  4. denny Says:

    she is docked today in port dalhousie (august 19th 2008)

  5. Al Humphreys Says:

    Yes……it is berthed in Port Dalhousie in St. Catharines on Tues 19th.

  6. Diane Grabo Says:

    This is old news now, but on August 16th a party of 10 family/friends were invited aboard the Lady M for a short cruise with cocktails and a tour from the TI bridge to Clayton. The invitation occurred because we raised the Union Jack (apparently in the correct orientation) at the camp we rented as a courtesy when the yacht was meandering upriver. The owner (Michael – no last name offered) and his guests were very pleasant. Not sure why they kept their identity a secret but they did treat us royally.

  7. Laurie Says:

    I saw The Lady M last night in Port Dalhousie in St.Catharine’s. What an amazing sight!

  8. Kelly watson Says:

    I would just like to say WOW that is the most incredible Ship i have ever seen. Thanks for making Port Dalhousie beautiful even if it was a short visit. Hope you all enjoyed your stay in our humble little port. Hope you come back again.Maybe you will allow us a tour next visit.
    Safe Sailing Home.

  9. ryan Says:

    i saw the lady M and heard rumours of ringo starr in port dalhousie and my friend saw someone with two security guards

  10. Katrina Says:

    August 20-evening-Lady M still docked at the Yacht Club in Port Dalhousie. She is attracting a lot of attention from the plethora of evening pier walkers but apart from one or two crew, there seems to be very little activity aboard this evening. A beautiful sight at the marina.

  11. River Girl Says:

    More news on Lady M Owner:
    Watertown Daily Times article

  12. JWINN Says:

    It’s docked at Toronto’s Harbourfront today, Fri. Aug 22nd.

  13. Erin Says:

    Hey guys!
    We saw Lady M this afternoon in Rockport, Canada.
    They were anchored in the channel.
    Beautiful boat!

  14. Barb Says:

    We saw her at Toronto’s Harbourfront on Friday, as well. We were staying at the Radisson Hotel and had a great view of her arrival from our room. What a beauty, and a positive ending to our visit despite the slaughter we Yankee fans suffered from the bats of the Blue Jays the night before!

  15. Angela A Says:

    If I had to place a bet, I would say it’s British tycoon Michael Ashcroft on the Lady M. Read this link to learn more about Mr. Ashcroft and see what you think:

  16. Angel Says:

    Seen in the 1000 islands near Rockport on the 23 rd of august during the 1000 islands cruise to boldt castle.

  17. Inez Wehrli Says:

    Lady M passed by our point on Grindstone Island Aug. 16, heading down Picton Channel toward Eel Bay, and I was so amazed that I barely had time to take several photos. Just now found info on her by searching Google!

  18. Taro Says:

    Docked in the old port of Montreal, Quebec. Went for a run and ended up standing there looking at it. I’ll get in shape tomorrow.

  19. River Girl Says:

    Thanks to all of you for staying in touch about Lady M’s travels. Hope one of you can send a picture that I can put on the site for others to enjoy. Use the contact form at the top of the page.

  20. superdave Says:

    aug 27/08…lady m still in old montreal…amazing ship…is santa generous enough??

  21. doyon13 Says:

    I was in Quebec city last night, it was docked in the old port. It’s huge.

  22. ryan Says:

    I saw her in port in Portsmouth, VA

  23. River Girl Says:

    Thank you Ryan. We appreciate hearing about the progress. if you can ever get a picture, we would appreciate it and credit you.

  24. GG Says:

    She is at Nikki Beach Turks and Caicos as we speak.

    You can see a picture of her on the following site:

  25. River Girl Says:

    Thanks GG. See latest post.

  26. GG Says:

    Lady M belongs to Lord Michael Ashcroft who also happens to be the majority owner of Nikki Beach Resort & Marina as well as Bank of Belize on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos.

  27. GG Says:

    I’ll be there next week…if she’s there I’ll play paparazi!

  28. geedub Says:

    Just saw Lady M at the Niki Beach Yacht Harbor. Supposed to leave tomorrow morning on the tide.

  29. Ask the Boater Says:

    Thanks for the info on Lady M!

  30. chad kalkowski Says:

    Lady M docked at Nikki Beach again on Feb 14 2009

  31. Ask the Boater Says:

    Thanks for the update, Chad.

  32. composite panels Says:

    Very luxurious, would love to see some images of the interior, I’m sure it would be spectacular! 180,000 per week? i think I will just drool from afar :)

  33. Michael Says:

    Yesterday, I saw her at the harbor ob Mitilene, Lesbos, Greece. Quite impressing!

  34. Ask the Boater Says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Do you have a photo?

  35. Harrison Says:

    Whilst vacationing in Mytilene Greece wiyh my family, I spotted her in the harbour and a day later at Agios Ermogenis Beach Lagoon (about 20km ouside of Mytilene). I have photos and video if you’re interested….


  36. Ask the Boater Says:

    Very interested in photos and video. Pls email to info AT

  37. gert oudhof Says:

    i was on holiday in marmaris(turkey) from 27th of july till the 10th of august and i saw this ship for a week there.
    it really is an amazing ship!

  38. danielle vose Says:

    I saw the lady M in Fethiye ( turkey) whilst on holiday around the 2nd september 2009. not sure how long it was there for. looked amazing!

  39. GG Says:

    ironic…Nikki Beach Turks and Caicos just closed so don’t think we’ll see the lady around this season!

  40. larry Says:

    I have just returned from a holiday in Turkey, part of my holiday was a trip to Fetiye,i saw the “Lady M” in the marina on sunday thethe 6th of September, the only visible movement was a sigle security man

  41. Christine Says:

    I was in Santorini, Greece from October 2-6 and saw the “Lady M” anchored in the old port of Fira.

  42. admin Says:

    @Christine – Do you have any photos?

  43. Allinclusive Says:

    What a boat! Photos are great everyone!

  44. susan Says:

    The Lady M was absolutely a gracious addition to the visual beauty of the BVI. She was at the Bitter End Yacht Club on December 19 and again anchored off Cooper Island on the 22nd. All we saw was crew, but hope the owners were aboard and enjoying life in the BVI!

  45. Outrigger Says:

    Love reading about these amazing ships. Thanks

  46. javier Says:

    lady M is now in Panama

  47. Cathy Says:

    Saw Lady M in Panama last week- March 22, 2010

  48. Island Gem Says:

    March 29, 2010 – 8:50am. Just saw Lady M in the St John’s River in front of my house in Jacksonville, Florida. Beautiful vessel!

  49. Island Gem Says:

    Correction – March 30

  50. weezie Says:

    Lady M is still in Jax Fl. My husbands company is doing some engine work for them. Tight lips are always abord these yachts. So no real confirmation on who the owner really is. But she is a beauty!

  51. JIm Says:

    Lady M is in Portsmouth VA on July 4th weekend

  52. Danny Says:

    July 6, 2010 LadyM at Yorktown beach 1:00 pm what a vessel she is. WOW

  53. rich Says:

    what a wonerful crew to work with while they were here in portsmouth
    i look forward to seeing them again ……

  54. TODD Says:


  55. Sally Rauh Says:

    Lady M II just docked in Annapolis, Maryland USA SAT JULY 10,2010

  56. Bob Mason Says:

    July 12th 2010 2:00 pm
    Lady M passed my house on the C and D canal in Delaware heading East.

  57. mike semi Says:

    lady m 2 is docked at the two mile landing in cape may NJ

  58. Shaun Says:

    Saw Lady M II in the Annapolis “Ego Alley” on 15 June, and then at Zahniser’s in Solomons, MD overnight 9-10 July. Crewmember wouldn’t say who was aboard…amazing ship!

  59. Rob m Says:

    Docked tonight, July 15 in Kingston NY. Someone vaguely resembling Katherine heigl disembarked.

  60. DaveT Says:

    Lady M just docked at the North Cove Harbor, Battery Park City, Manhattan. Beautiful Lady! Joins Chevy Toy and Marco Polo already in residence. Seeing these 3 ships docked side by side is amazing.

  61. Tim B Says:

    Saw Lady M 7/7/10 in the Wicomico River off Cobb Island, MD in Charles County. What a surprise to see this amazing ship in the river 20 miles south of the Chesapeake Bay. They stayed the night and left early the next morning. Would love to know who was on it

  62. Ask the Boater Says:

    Did you get any photos?

  63. Tim B Says:

    Took a few pics. Will post them later this evening.

  64. Matt Says:

    Just saw this under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges yesterday morning.


  65. Brian Says:

    Docked near us at the Yachting Center in Newport RI.

  66. marmaris hotels Says:

    what $180,000 for a week? that is too expensive but maybe worth it. love cruising thru the yacht. lady M is so nice!

  67. Lizzie Ross Says:

    August 11 1:30 PM

    Lady M cruised east through the Cape Cod Canal.

  68. Janet B. Says:

    Lady M just docked in Boston Harbor

  69. dave Says:

    lady m seen in maine.
    anchored in ebeneecook harbor

  70. TRISH Says:


  71. Dave Says:

    Lady M docked in Blue Hill Harbor on 8/18/10. Impressive!

  72. John Hirschenhofer Says:

    She is in Frenchman Bay right outside my window in Hancock, ME, 1425 EDT, Aug. 21, 2010.

  73. Lili Says:

    She was docked at Bar Harbor, Maine today.

  74. mark conlem Says:

    The lady M2 just docked in Bar Harbor Maine tonight. Biggest thing in town tonight

  75. p2j2m Says:

    The Lady M II was docked in Bar Harbor Main from 8/21 – 8/25.

  76. Dennis Says:

    In NY by World Financial center 8/30/2010

  77. DJ Robbo Says:

    Lady M 2 in Kingston, NY. Whats the difference between Lady M and Lady M 2 ?


    This immaculate and solid looking vessel stopped in the Rondout in Kingston, NY this week and was berthed next to the Belle Adventure,
    a magnificent ketch. Enjoying the sights of the classic Sailing craft next to one of the most luxurious modern Yachts ever to park along the Hudson River made my week!

    Thank you Lord Ashcroft and David Thompson, Belle’s captain and also Aubrey, crew leader on the Belle Adventure for your hospitality!

    Enjoy the waves and the winds gentleman!

  79. Wombat32 Says:

    we just saw this ship yesterday (September 11, 2001) in Kingston, NY. Still beautiful.

  80. Wombat32 Says:

    actually, we saw the Lady M 2 in Kingston. Looks a lot like the Lady M, but there is more teak trim, especially across the stern end. I think the LM 2 is a little bit longer.

  81. Ask the Boater Says:

    Do you have some photos to post from your sightings?
    Email info AT asktheboater .COM

  82. Linda M Says:

    Lady M II is as beautiful as all the posts say. Saw her in Kingston NY, docked at the Maritime Museum. The crew member I spoke to was wonderful. I hope everyone aboard enjoyed their stay here and will return again when in the area.

  83. p816 Says:

    September 15th. Lady M II is docked at the Two Mile Landing in Lower Township NJ between Wildwood Crest and Cape May. She’s beautiful to see and looked like she was being cleaned when we saw her. A source shared with us that she was also here in July.

  84. eugene Says:

    lady m came into two mile landing in cape may n.j. on sept 15, 2010

  85. Ria Kemp Says:

    Welcome to our island..While out wave running, we got a close up look at the Lady M II. She is a beauitful and lovely Lady. She is Docked at The Two Mile Landing, In Wildwood Crest/Lower Twp. NJ. Enjoy

  86. Steve Says:

    The Lady M II was docked in Norfolk VA and was still there as of 1300 7 October.

  87. Ed Getley Says:

    A Sep 2010 video is here:

  88. Ed Getley Says:

    Oops, forgot to mention- word has it that the Lady M II is Ringo Starr’s boat and is registered in Jaluit.

  89. bill Says:

    Lady m II is in Atlantis December 3,its my Birthday.

  90. Chris Says:

    Dec1 through 3rd Lady M II docked outside Atlantis hotel Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas, beautiful ship, crew was busy everyday but didn’t see anyone special.

  91. Jesse Says:

    Saw the Lady M II docked in the Atlantis hotel, snapped one beautiful pic!

  92. Garry Smith Says:

    Time 03:45 28/12/2010 local time and Lady M2 is infront of the Oceana in Curacao. my wife and I was having a refreshing drink on the quay side when the owner ccame and sat at our table and had a nice short conversation saying that he was of to the Panama canal next and when the conversation finished he shock my hand and retired to the table behind, I must say he was very polite.

  93. Phil Shuman Says:

    Just back from Aruba. LadyM docked at downtown marina through Sunday, January 2nd.

  94. REALTOR Roger B. Minkoff Says:

    Up for breakfast at Yacht Haven Grande this morning and was greeted by the sight of the Lady moored on the waterfront of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands. Her presence, and that of numerous other mega yachts is a sight to behold.

  95. Kurt Schmoelz Says:

    Phil Shuman is correct. I was in Aruba as well for the 3rd and 4th week of January and Lady M II was there . I took some pics but in person she beautiful !


  96. MGBW Says:

    The lady M2 is currently at Marine Group Boat Works being serviced for the next couple of week..How do I know this? Because I am working on it =)

  97. Ask the Boater Says:

    If photos are allowed, would love to post them! You can email to info AT

  98. Linda Says:

    The Lady M II just anchored in the bay outside of our home in San Carlos, Mexico. What a gorgeous yacht.

  99. Terry Challis Says:

    Lady M just pulled into harbor in front of my house in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Here for Semana Santa?

  100. Ask the Boater Says:

    Terry and Linda,
    Pictures can be sent to info AT and we will publish them. thx

  101. Penelope Says:

    Lady”M” just arrived in San Carlos, Mexico..she is a beaut!!!!

  102. Mary Z Says:

    Does anyone know who is on board? or the owner?

  103. Jana Says:

    The Lady M is lit up beautifully under the full moon in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico tonight. Simply lovely reflecting off the water.

  104. Jose Says:

    Lady M is currently at San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

  105. Terry Challis Says:

    Lady M pulled out of San Carlos Harbor yesterday, April 18th at around 1:00, don’t know where she’s headed.

  106. rainy Says:

    lady M just docked at Marina de LaPaz in LaPaz, bcs what a beauty

  107. Bella Says:

    Lady M spent two nights anchored just outside of the marina at Loreto, BCS, Mexico, and then departed for two nights. She’ back tonight!

  108. Celebration Says:

    Lady M II Docked in Cabo San Lucas, BCS Mexico….Looks Great!

  109. Mike Says:

    Saw the Lady M II in
    Cabo for a couple of days moored next to the Attessa. Two beautiful yachts. She pulled out on Sunday May 1st.

  110. Dan Gaub Says:

    Lady M is in Seattle parked next to my 73′ what a great looking boat. The crew is keeping her in awesome shape.

  111. Deedee Says:

    Docked in Victoria, BC inner harbor face dock, Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada.

  112. Deedee Says:

    Just wanted to add that the registry has changed from Belize to Jaluit, Marshall Islands and a II has been added to the name. I wonder if there’s an interesting story that goes with that? I can send a pic if someone lets me know how.

  113. Garry Smith Says:

    Mary Z the Lady M is owned by Lord Michael Ashcroft of the conservative party and a very pleasant man to talk to as we found out in Curacao whilst have a quiet coffee

  114. Ron Meuse Says:

    She’s back in Victoria’s inner harbor enjoying our warmest day so far this spring.

  115. Pete Says:

    Currently moored in Victoria,BC,Canada

  116. Garry Smith Says:

    For a view of the harbour and lady m follow the link:-
    She is on the left

  117. PiotrMaciej Says:

    She is currently docked in Victoria BC, as of today June 6th 2011.

  118. judy strand Says:

    The “Lady M II” is just now leaving Victoria Harbour, in British Columbia after about a week in port. What a beautiful Yatch. June 6, 2011, 9:30am

  119. James Swan Says:

    We were boating into Victoria harbour yesterday June 5th when we heard over the VHF that big yacht belonged to Ringo Star, 165 foot yacht is huge when I just have a 20 ft. speedboat. It is an awesome ship, welcome to Victoria.

  120. Mark Perry Says:

    The ‘Lady M’ docked overnight at Ganges, Salt Spring Island, departed June 8th. Beautiful yacht!

  121. Pete Says:

    Just spotted Lady M sailing down the Elizabeth River in Norfolk, Va. No sign of Ringo.

  122. Andre Says:

    The lady just arrived and docked in vancouver, what a amazing ship.

    Greetz andre

  123. Lisa Says:

    Lady M is currently docked in Nananimo, BC

  124. hils Says:

    We were at the Harbourfront in Nanaimo today and spotted this amazing
    “Lady”. No action anywhere near it!

  125. sreno7 Says:

    One of my students here in Nanaimo BC went down to see the yacht here in Nanaimo, said the crew were very friendly but of course wouldn’t confirm the yacht belongs to either Lord Ashcroft or Ringo Starr

  126. charylb Says:

    Saw her docked for the two days that we were in Nanaimo BC, we just left and she was still there… very impressive yacht!

  127. Robin Says:

    Yacht is currently docked in Nanaimo British Columbia, Canada.
    It has been docked here since Saturday June 11, 2011.
    Absolutely a beautiful setting for a spectacular yacht!

    Nanaimo BC Canada

  128. Popeye The Sailor Says:

    The Lady M is docked at the Golden Nugget marina (formally Trump Marina) in Atlantic City, N.J.

  129. judy Says:

    I hardly think that The Lady M (as magnifecant as she is) could get from Nanaimo, BC, Canada to New Jersey in one day. Are there 2 Lady M’s

  130. judy Says:

    I believe that it was the “Lady M II” that was in Victoria, Vancouver and Nanaimo, British Columbia. And The “Lady M” that is in New Jersey.

  131. Justin Says:

    Lady m 2 is in namaimo.

  132. judy Says:

    Therefore, there must also be a Lady M,
    and it is she who is in New Jersey.
    Thank you Justin.

  133. Karen Says:

    Lady M is in Campbell River as Comox Harbour was too small

  134. Gord Says:

    Lady m 2 is anchored in Desolation sound for the time being.
    Thanks to all who posted photos of her

    go to this website to track this boat and others.

  135. seasurfer Says:

    Lady M II just docked at Port McNeill, BC.

  136. RJ Woodward Says:

    The Lady M is currently docked in Greenwich Bay, RI at The Brewers Yacht Yard. Very Nice!

  137. Michele Says:

    yes…Lady M is in Greenwich Bay @ the Brewers Yacht Yard. She is BEAUTIFUL!

  138. Jo-Ann Says:

    Lady M is at our marina ….Greenwich Bay in RI. What a BEAUTIFUL boat!!!

  139. Dan Says:

    Lady m is relaxing in Newport rhode island

  140. Deedee Says:

    I know this boat SAYS it’s the Lady M in the photos, but this exact boat as seen in photos above is now called Lady M II and is on the west coast of Canada. I have sent in photos showing it’s the same boat with the slightly different name to this site to prove it.

    There are 3 other Lady M’s known to me, one is a 104′ from NZ, one is a 105′ from NLDs and one is a 164′ from NLDs which used to be called Lady Marina, if that is any help but the above exact boat is 164′ and is currently on the west coast and called Lady M II, with the registry change I mentioned above, from Belize to Jaluit, Marshall Islands.

    If the spotters on the east coast could take photos of their Lady M and compare them to the photos above to match up superstructure and hull design points then we could either stop the confusion or open a deeper mystery.

  141. Jan D. Says:

    Lady M is in Edgartown Harbor for the fireworks. Was on the schooner Alabama which was anchored right in front of her.

  142. Ask the Boater Says:

    Check out some new photos

  143. Mary Says:

    Saw one version of Lady M in Edgartown, MA last night.

  144. Anne Marie Says:

    In this moment you can se Lady M in Hals in the north of Denmark

  145. Karla Says:

    Saw Lady M in East Greenwich RI today at our marina 7/15/11

  146. Kat B Says:

    Just saw the Lady M in East Greenwich, RI last night. OMG what a gorgeous yacht!

  147. Ray Says:

    Lady m is currently in Warwick R.I.

    Docked at Brewer’s Greenwich Bay Marina

    Has been here since June .
    Left several times for a short cruise

  148. Kristiana's Brown Says:

    The Lady M II IS CURRENTLY DOCKED IN KETCHIKAN, Alaska, has been here for over a week. Along with the Vango, and several other yachts and huge sailboats in the sound.

  149. Wrangell Girl Says:

    Lady M II is anchored near Wrangell, Alaska today.

  150. Pat Says:

    The Lady M II was at Anan Bay for bear watching on the 11th of August. She left for Wrangell and is here on the 12th.

  151. ryan Says:

    She just pulled into Juneau, Ak.

  152. Sara Says:

    Saw Lady M in Lake Washington leaving the Kirkland Marina and heading off to the Seattle side of the lake.

  153. waluhi Says:

    She is sitting in Haines Alaska. saterday aug20 2011

  154. waluhi Says:

    6:30 pm Haines time, small boat arriving harbor from Lady M,

    do we know whose on board?

  155. justin peterson Says:

    Lady M 2 just anchored in front of Haines alaska. Sat august 20, 2011.

  156. Marcia Says:

    Lady M just came into Auke Bay, Juneau, Alaska.

  157. Sam Says:

    Saw the Lady M docked in Skagway, Alaska on 23 August 2011

  158. Glen Says:

    Lady m2 is docked at Juneau AK

  159. Karry Says:

    Petersberg, Alaska

  160. Sam Says:

    The Lady M II which saw docked in Skagway on 23 August was registered in JALUIT. Jaluit is a large coral atoll of 91 islands in the Pacific Ocean, and forms a legislative district of the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands. Its total land area is only 11.34 square kilometres (4.38 sq mi), but it encloses a lagoon with an area of 690 square kilometres (270 sq mi). Most of the land area is on largest islet of Jaluit (10.4 km²). Jaluit is located approximately 220 kilometres (140 mi) southwest of Majuro. Jaluit Atoll is a designated conservation area and Ramsar Wetland.

  161. Pat Says:

    Lady m II Seattle Washington , Elliott Bay

  162. Darren Says:

    Lady M is anchored up in the Columbia River at Astoria, Oregon

  163. Jan Says:

    The Lady M is now moored in the Columbia River at Astoria, Ore. It is Sept. 20th 2011. This is where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean and the bar is considered one of the most dangerous bar crossing in the world, especially if the weather is stormy. Today is beautiful and around 70 degrees.

  164. RMH Says:

    Lady M is anchored in the Columbia River adjacent to the Maritime Museum in Astoria. I watched a person board (cloaked by an umbrella) that seemed much taller than I imagined Ringo!

  165. Colin vH Says:

    I just saw her pull into Portland, OR.

  166. terry hagberg Says:

    Lady M II just docked at Riverplace Marina Portland OR.

  167. LLHartley Says:

    She is now docked on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon.

  168. Kim Ragnone Says:

    She is Docked at the Riverplace Marina in Portland, Oregon Tonight! Beautiful Ship She is!

  169. DNewman Says:

    She just passed us traveling up the Columbia River towards Bonneville Dam.

  170. Jeff Caldwell Says:

    She just cruised past The Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler dock in Cascade Locks, OR.

  171. Mark Says:

    Lady M passed us while we were salmon fishing on the Columbia River yesterday (Sept 21) between St Helens and Vancouver. I took pics..but don’t see a spot to post them here. Try this link..on my Facebook page…but you may not see it if not one of my friends. If someone wants me to post a pic somewhere.. where you all can view it..tell me where I can do so!

  172. Ask the Boater Says:

    Send it to info AT asktheboater .com

  173. Greg Says:

    Just saw this boat going under the Hood River bridge on the Columbia river, about 60 miles east of Portland.

  174. MARCUS Says:


  175. V Says:

    Seen Lady M in Tri-Cities Washington Sept 24
    She is so beautiful, never seen anything like that
    In real life. But thank god there is a first for
    Everything :)

  176. Dwayne Says:

    She made it as far up the Columbia River as Kennewick (330 miles from the mouth of the river) this weekend and passed a group of us sail racing a few miles south of there. We asked the skipper via VHF how far up the river they were going and he said he wasn’t sure. Of note: when we asked what her displacement was he said the question was too technical???? He didn’t know.

  177. Marc Wiesner Says:

    Saw Lady M on the snake river going up stream from Ice Harbor dam. Passed us while we were fishing.

  178. Marc Wiesner Says:

    Saw the Lady M (9-25) going up stream from Ice Harbor Dam on the Snake River in Wa.State. We were fishing at the time and I thought, what a catch that would be.

  179. Eli Says:

    Just saw her berthed at Clarkston, WA, right on the Idaho border- almost as far upstream as she can go. I think it is possibly the largest private vessel ever to come clear up here but I’m not sure of that.

  180. Jeanine Says:

    Currently Docked in Clarkston Washington……………

  181. Kay Anderson Says:

    The Lady M was in Lewiston Idaho at the Port of Clarkston today. She is supposed to be here till Wednesday.

  182. Tony Anderson Says:

    What a priveledge to see such a wonderful super boat at the furtherest inland port of the northwest. Makes all our fishing boats seem insignificant

  183. cassie winegeart Says:

    im in the usa i live in a small town called clarkston wa and i just seen lady m docked at one of our docks

  184. Harry Krebs Says:

    Lady M II was at the Port of Clarkston, Washington today. This is on the Snake River, at the Idaho and Washington border, well inland.

  185. Kammy Cox Says:

    Lady M II is now docked in Clarkston WA – on the Snake River – Been here for few days. Heard they took Helicopter ride up through Hells Canyon. Not sure who’s on board. All very hush hush.

  186. Kammy Cox Says:

    9/29/11 – NOW in Clarkston WA – docked on the Snake River – Been here for few days!

  187. David and Jacki Says:

    September 30, 2011: Still berthed in Clarkston Washington, 400plus miles from the Pacific Ocean. This is the one of the farthest inland seaports in the states. They must be here for the best hunting and fishing in the lower U.S. Right now it’s prime time hunting for Elk, Deer, Bear, Big horn sheep in Idaho.

  188. Nicky Says:

    Just spotted Lady M in Port of Clarkston! Amazing!

  189. Peter Says:

    Lady M spotted in Clarkston WA/Lewistion ID. It was confused for the Yellow Sub.

  190. Andy Says:

    Lady M II just sailed past my office, which is on the Willamette River under the St. Johns bridge. Perhaps she’ll be getting some work done at the Vigor shipyards. Or maybe just stopping by to dring some local beer!

  191. Dan Distler Says:

    Lady M II is currently docked alongside the Stern-wheeler “Oregon” Maritime Museum on the Willamette River in downtown Portland, Oregon. She is a beautiful ship.

  192. Dan M Says:

    Oct 9, Sunday morning, we have the Lady M sitting in the Astoria (Oregon) anchorage near the mouth of the Columbia River.

  193. KT Says:

    Anchored in front of Astoria, Oregon for the last few days.

  194. Arista Split Says:

    M is a very nice mega yacht, but the two coolest ones i personally have seen is the Lady Mouroa (I am not sure how to spell the name) it is owned by a lady who used to be married to a Saudi prins! The second one was one of the yachts from Abramovic which actually anchored up in viewing distance from my Balcony!

  195. Marc Says:

    I just saw her docked in san diego, california yesterday.

  196. JIm Daly Says:

    Docked in San Diego behind the convention center. WOW.

  197. Cabosteve Says:

    Lady M II docked in the marina, Cabo San Lucas

  198. Vivian Says:

    Lady M was anchored in Roatan, Bay Island Honduras in the west end, west bay area this week.

  199. Ed Moulder Says:

    We were happy to see the Lady M out in front of Bite on the Beach on the Island of Roatan in West Bay. Lord Ashcroft came ashore but we must admit we were hoping it was Ringo Star. We met a couple of the crew who were perfectly charming. The “Lord” is lucky to have such a nice crew.

  200. Garry Smith Says:

    The lord himself is a pleasant person to talk to as well as we did in Curacao

  201. Bill Scott Says:

    Lady M was anchored in front of Privilege Aluxes on Isla Mujeres on
    Sunday the 22nd, 2012 for a few hours then pulled anchor and left.

  202. Paul Says:

    Lady M just left the harbor in Playa Mureyes outside cancun

  203. Michael Says:

    Saw the Lady M docked at The Atlantis, Nassau, The Bahamas. Impressive!

  204. Anthony Cockcroft Says:

    Lady M arrived in Puerto Banus, last week and was still there when we left today, looks very much like Lady Hiya who usually resides in the port.

  205. Deano Says:

    Lady M is in the port of newport

  206. Deano Says:

    Sorry Newport Rhode island USA

  207. NPort Says:

    Currently docked at 41 North in Newport, RI

  208. jörgen Sweden Says:

    I saw Lady M in Hamburg Germany last Tuesday, damn that is a big boat

  209. Maureen Says:

    We say the Lady M in Newport, but not sure it’s the same yatch. The one we saw had the same name on the port side of the yatch, but the back of the boat has steps opening up from dock level to the 1st living area. The staff was cleaning the inside on Monday and on Tuesday the outside was getting scrubbed. We watched from a very nice restaurant called The Port Grill.

  210. JohnAnderson Says:

    Lady M was docked for the past 2 summers in Greenwich Bay, Warwick, Rhode Island.
    This summer it moved to Pier/Restaurant/Private Club 41~ North, Newport, Rhode Island.
    Just saw it yesterday.
    That would be cool of it was Ringo’s !
    Do I hear Lady Madonna ?

  211. Jason Gelineau Says:

    She is currently docked in Batumi, Georgia. All her furniture out on deck is covered up and no sign of activity. August 26 2012

  212. Dennis Beaudoin Says:

    Just had drinks dockside of the Lady M on Saturday September 15 in Newport, R.I. . There were a few deckhands cleaning things up around the ship and taking out a bit of trash, etc. but no sign of any passengers or anyone enjoying the weather on the decks. Trying to get more information about who owns her or even who may have owned her in the past. Beautiful ship!

  213. Guenni Says:

    Lady M II docked in Venice

  214. Michael Says:

    Saw the Lady M in Venice yesterday although the owner is reported as a Michael it is not me. Waited anid had lunch just the owner did not return. Lovely boat though.

  215. Sdw Says:

    Spotted the Lady M II in Gibraltar yesterday, moored in ocean bay village complex

  216. private boat charter Dc Says:

    Superb post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?

    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Thank you!

  217. Garry Smith Says:

    Lady M is owned by Lord Michael Ashcroft of the conservative party in the UK who we had the pleasure of meeting in the Caribbean in January 2010

  218. Robt Csongedi Says:

    Observed a mega yacht on June 5, 2013 with the name LADY M entering Lake St Clair from the St Clair River. But, it is not the same yacht pictured in any photos I’ve seen on the web. Is she new?

  219. Ask the Boater Says:

    @ Robt Csongedi,
    Do you have a photo?


    I watched the Lady M II sail through the locks at the Canso Canal in the Strait of Canso in Nova Scotia Canada on June 12, 2013. I am trying to determine if she is indeed an entirely different ship from the Lady M. Can someone clarify this for me? Magnificent to watch by the way.

  221. P. Broughall Says:

    Lady M is docked at the Yacht Club in Charlottetown PEI.

  222. kevin morrison Says:

    lady m is in sydney cape breton nova it is the nicest yacht i ve ever seen here it is june 23 2013

  223. Roxanne Says:

    Yes it is here in Sydney Nova Scotia and is stunning. Lady M 2

  224. Ken Says:

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013 – still in Sydney Harbour, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Impressive ship. Young crewmembers busling about but no bigwigs that I could see. Read back through posts – I believe the Michael Ashcroft rumours the most. Cheers!

  225. Tom Says:

    She arrived in St. John’s, Newfoundland today June 27, 2013.

  226. Jadler Says:

    Lady M spotted in Copenhagen 14.00 on 8th July 2013.

  227. Jorgen Says:

    Lady m II is in Nuuk, Greenland

  228. Diane Diener Says:

    Beautiful Lady M was docked at Prince Edward Island last week of June, 2013.

  229. P.D. Says:

    This thing is amazing ! Is it possible the name has changed to Lady Janet ? If so , its in the OLd Port of Montreal.

  230. Sharon Smith Says:

    We saw the yacht at Bay Harbor. Is it named Lady Janet now. It’s huge!

  231. Ken Appleton Says:

    Saw a vessel that looked the the one you have pictured named “Lady M” on 15 and 16 August cruising south of Devon Island in the Canadian Arctic. While we were both achored in Dundas Harbor our captain contacted her and was told she was coming south after being blocked by ice at around 75 North.

  232. Donna Says:

    Lady M II is Nome, Alaska!

  233. Vic Handley Says:

    Lady M is now proudly docked in Auckland Harbour and looks as beautiful as ever.

  234. Sherry Says:

    What a beautiful ship, anchored at Putiki Bay Waiheke Island New Zealand
    Auckland Anniverary weekend, 26 January 2014

  235. jordana Says:

    Here in Greece, Tasos, we look it now 30.06.2014

  236. ash Says:

    Lady M.currently in argostoli harbour,kefalonia.

  237. Lisa Says:

    Lady M II is docked at Yorktown, VA today, August 14, 2015.


  238. Scott Says:

    Saw the lady today in the rappahannock river today near Irvington VA off the Chesapeake bay

  239. Richard Westin Says:

    The Lady M spent last night (August 16, 2015) docked in the Wicomico River near Cobb Island Maryland and left 7:30 am headed down the Potomac River. Owner and companion dined at Captain Johns.

  240. Julie Says:

    The Lady M spent last night in Solomons Island, Md. It passed right by my house this morning at 7 am. Beautiful yacht in the Chesapeake Bay, heading towards Annapolis, Md.

  241. Daniel Kocsis Says:

    Lady M II was docked in the inner harbour in Baltimore, MD all day. She dwarfed everything else moored there.

  242. David Says:

    August 26th Lady M was docked at Penns Landing in Philadelphia

  243. Andries M. Michael Says:

    The yacht is tied up to Penns Landing in Philly!

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