Mega Yacht Lady M

Mega Yacht Lady M

This weekend, the motor yacht Lady M visited the area.  This 1994 Dutch-built yacht from Belize is 164′ long.  According to several websites, you can spend $180,000 to use her for 1 week.   There were rumors that Lady M belonged to Ringo Starr, which the paper said was not true, but others say is correct.  Listening to the Captain on the shipping channel they did quite a bit of touring in the islands and after spending the evening docked at Frink Park, they left, escorted out by a water spouting Clayton Rescue Fire Boat toward Carleton Island then to Kingston to spend the night.  While in the area, guests visited a home on Round Island and a small Clayton contingent including the Mayor and people from the museum went aboard the yacht for a private tour and party.  As always, all of our pictures are clickable to enlarge and many are also on Flickr.  Please leave a comment if you spot Lady M in her travels.

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  1. Darryl Says:

    Docked in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada today, but has been exploring the local rivers.

  2. S. Hines Says:

    Sailing by Cape Sable Island , Nova Scotia right off my bow

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