Jessica Watson(15) Solo

Jessica Watson(15) Solo

Jessica Watson, at 15, is clearly the youngest to sail solo around the world.  She is determined and has many supporters who believe she can do this.  Her confidence can be seen in this video.  Jessica recently participated in an Oceans Watch mission from New Zealand to Vanuatu and is committed to helping the environment. Her mission will take 7-8 months and cover 22,000 nautical miles.  Good luck Jess!

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  1. All Child's Play Says:

    Unreal! Is she really doing this by herself? Not my daughter..uh, uh. No way, no how! I’m hoping you’ll continue to post on her progress because I really want to follow this trip.

    Good luck Jessica!


  2. Will Says:

    Jessica’s attempt is flawed from the start. She needs a purpose built yacht with all control lines and winches well within her physical capabilities and able to withstand invertion. Then she needs to forget about time limitations to be the youngest to go around alone and give herself enough time to be totally ready for the voyage. Sorry to be negative but after time in the Navy and 25 years in Health and Safety I don’t think Jessica is mentally or physically suitable for such a dangerous enterprise and I question the experts who are supporting her.

  3. Ed Says:

    I did not see confidence in the video. I saw a bright girl, probably a great little sailor. When asked if she could do it she laughed off an “of course”. That’s where I was many years ago with 8 years experience. I did a lot of really naive things in boats. You think it will work because its suppose to. But its really luck. I would not sail to Hawaii on a small buoy racer much less do cape horn. I’ve gotten more cautious as I grew older I guess.

    I wish her luck. I really would like here to pull it off. But that’s what she’ll be doing. I wonder if the media draw to be the youngest sailor will end after the first tragedy.

    That said, the Pardey’s say “to be a sailor, you’ve got to sail; go to it.” I’m pretty good because I survived lots of naive ventures. Hopefully she’ll be great.

  4. David Says:

    Hey Jessica, I think that what u r doing, is such a totally an amazing thing. To have the guts to do that is amazing. Be strong, don’t give up. and when u r in Sydney I will be one of the thousands that r there as well cheering u on. 🙂


  5. HAHAHA Says:

    Will Says: May 31st, 2009 at 9:28 am ” I don’t think Jessica is mentally or physically suitable for such a dangerous enterprise and I question the experts who are supporting her.”

    Well Mr Will, Jessica proved that she was mentally and physically suitable to make the trip. Your time in the Navy and 25 years in Health and Safety does not mean that you are an expert in sailing and you were clearly WRONG about Jessica in your post.

  6. Will Says:

    Ok, before anyone else sends me an email proving me wrong about Jessica’s ability you should read her blog where I sent her a congratulatory message. With respect to my comments, I stand by them. It was a very dangerous undertaking,far more dangerous than many of her supporters could imagine. She was courageous and lucky. “Fortune favours the bold”, as they say. Her success in no way diminishes the genuine concern that I and many experts felt when she announced her intentions. She got back fit and well for which we can all be grateful.

  7. james Says:

    Jessica you ROCK my world

  8. Adam Says:

    This is such an inspiring story. I don’t think I could sail across a small lake by myself, let alone the whole planet! And I’m 20 years older that Jess, too…

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