Best Gifts for Boaters 2009

Best Gifts for Boaters 2009

This is the 2009 version of best gift ideas for boaters.  For those of you who haven’t planned ahead, this could be your salvation.

My  iPod Touch (the new 3rd generation) is the best iPod ever (yes I had to upgrade), and will be cherished as a gift.  A small item that can hold lots of music, videos (including TV and movies), your email, games, and a zillion apps.  Basically it does everything the iPhone does without the phone.  The built in speaker is also handy as is the ability to record voice memos or make free skype calls.  There are tons of boating and sailing apps to keep you informed and entertained.

Captain Fixit loves his Keurig coffee maker.  He has this one but wasn’t lucky enough to save over 25% like that listed price.  No coffee pot to clean, everyone gets their own favorite brew, and you get the perfect cup of coffee every time.  They also sell a tiny one now.

Our favorite earphones for your ipod (or computer) have a great design and come in five colors.  You get 6 sets of silicon earpads so you can customize the fit, a cable winder, and a small, thin case with this luxurious lightweight  earphone set.   We have used these for 2 years, and still love these V-Moda Vibe earphones! The noise canceling properties enhance the excellent reproduction of treble and midrange.  Of course the price is now less than half what we paid!

As recommended last year, the book, Classic Yachts would be a great gift and you can get it for a reduced price here.

The Amazon Kindle is always a wanted gift.  Captain Fixit can’t live without his!  Or for someone who already has a Kindle, get a case like the standard black one, or a funky red one.

And if all else fails, an Amazon Gift Card will do the trick.  After all, who can’t find what they want on Amazon, and you can email or even print the gift card yourself if you run out of time.

So get busy since you only have a few days left and finish that shopping!

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  1. Marylouise Galford Says:

    Lots of of bloggers not very happy with the new iPad.There was just too much hype over it and alot people got turned off.Thing is, I for one see some of the awesome potential uses of the gizmo. Third-party applications for doing music, games, newsprints and magazines and books, all kinds of cool stuff, but IMHO they failed to sell it very well (aside from the books). It feels kinda incomplete