Blue Moon (Mega Yacht) Photo Contest

Blue Moon (Mega Yacht) Photo Contest

Have you seen Blue Moon, the incredible mega yacht and beauty of a boat?   We have heard from some readers that she is traveling around, and want to see some Summer 2009 pictures.  The last we heard, Donald told us that she was in Montreal on 7/13.  Please leave a comment below if you have a picture for us and we will respond with details.  All entries will be posted with credits to the photographer.  The winning photographer will receive a gift certificate to, iTunes or Boat Name Gear (your choice).

Last summer we were able to see Blue Moon first hand when she visited Frink Park in Clayton, and we look forward to your picture entries.

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  1. Andy Harley Says:

    I have a bow shot of the Blue Moon from the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show last October. We are working on a design with a simular knuckle at the bow. I’ll look to see if I may have some other photos.

  2. Steve Says:

    She is in Montreal

  3. Ask the Boater Says:

    @Steve Tried to email you. Pls send the image to info AT

  4. Ask the Boater Says:

    @ Andy Harley Pls send the image to info AT

  5. Lelsie Says:

    I took a nice shot of her in Montreal Old Port 2 days ago. Looked like they were packing up to leave.

  6. Ask the Boater Says:

    @Leslie @ Andy
    Nice photos – will include in future post when contest is concluded.

  7. Robert Binette Says:

    She passed Contrecoeur 40 km. East of Montreal at 9:20 Sunday morning, july 19 2009.

  8. Ask the Boater Says:

    Were you able to get a photo?

  9. Colin Says:

    I have a photo at night her in Montreal Old Port on Sat 18th July if you’re interetsed?

  10. Robert Binette Says:

    No photo the boat was traveling quite fast and I was so astounded by it’s view that I forgot to take my camera, sorry.

  11. admin Says:

    Thank you. Pls sent the photo to info AT

  12. Ryno Says:

    She’s in Quebec Now at the Bassin Louise Marina

  13. Brenda Says:

    We seen her yesterday in Quebec City

  14. Benjamin C Chambers Says:

    Well I just so happened to have taken a photo of this fine vessel, while she was docked In Old Port Montreal aside a Much smaller Yacht “Speedy.” Unfortunatly I only have the one. But it was a beautiful day, and I myself one day planning on sailing the seas decided to snap a quick pic on my cellphone. I have had The “Bluemoon” as my wallpaper on my phone since then and I wanted to know more about her so googled the name. So here I am now luckily stumbling accross this site so I may share my experience with all of you. I hope you enjoy!

  15. River Girl Says:

    @Ben Chambers
    Pls sent the photo to info AT

  16. Benjamin C Chambers Says:

    Is there a place we can view all the photos submitted?

  17. admin Says:

    Photos to date will be published by the weekend. thx

  18. Says:

    hi, saw it on July 18th in Montreal old port. send me an email for the 1 image I took!.
    greets, Canadjan

  19. Ask the Boater Says: Sent you an email. Pls send the photo to info AT Thanks

  20. Ask the Boater Says:

    Be sure to see the comments and photos on these post also if you are looking for information on Blue Moon:

  21. Kevin Adam Says:

    I have a picture of the Blue Moon docked at the Old Port in Montreal.

  22. Dan Says:

    Was on this boat last week, I live in Newport, And our boat is in a marina next to it. Was talking to the owner, offered to show us around. What an amazing ship.

  23. Ask the Boater Says:

    Do you have any photos to enter in the contest?

  24. Barry Ashcroft Says:

    I am looking at is as I type moored up outside the Hilton Marina in Ft Lauderdale and it is awesome.

  25. Donna Hugo Says:

    Holy Cow, I live in Cabo San Lucas and just saw that beautiful yacht today. Had to go on line to see who owns her. I used to live in Newport Beach, Calif. but didn’t see a yacht quite like this one.

  26. Tim Says:

    I saw the Blue Moon in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, May 21, 2010. I have a photo of her docked at the Marina, what a beauty.

  27. Dave Says:

    I have sailed on the Blue Moon and it is even better than you can read about on the internet. The woodwork is probably the finest I have ever seen. When you go on board you have to take your shoes off and the stewards pass out slippers with Blue Moon written on them. Parts of the engine room are even carpeted. At the time I believe there were 14 crewmen from the captain to engineer to the stewards. All the plumbing was gold plated too. The owners were and are very gracious hosts. I look forward to the time I get to go on board on her again.

  28. Ask the Boater Says:

    Thanks for sharing. We would love to see any photos if you have them.

  29. Mark Says:

    Today the Blue Moon is in North Vancouver, BC. She’s moored beside Attessa. An impressive pair!

  30. Ask the Boater Says:

    Would you be able to take a picture that we could post?

  31. Greg Says:

    I have a couple pictures of the blue moon moored at Doyons Landing in Ketchikan Alaska

  32. Ask the Boater Says:

    Hope you can send the pictures to info AT thx

  33. Dave Says:

    Saw Blue Moon in Ketchikan alaska about July 10th. I have photo from our cruise ship butcant see how to upload.

  34. gblotter Says:

    On September 22 2010, Blue Moon was docked at Treasure Island (San Francisco) for the big Oracle corporate party. There were security barriers surrounding the yacht, but I could still get within about 100 feet. Regrettably, I had no camera to take any photos.

  35. Cynthia Bachus Says:

    Saw the Blue Moon docked this past weekend 11/18-11/21/10 behind the Kona Kai Resort, San Diego,CA. What a great “ride” that would be. HUGE!!!

  36. MJ Thomas Says:

    Blue Moon, George Town, C.I., travelled up the Welland Canal, Lake Ontario to Lake Erie, Saturday, July 9, 2011. Docked in Port Colborne 15:00h.

  37. Dick Lowry Says:

    I have a photo of Blue Moon when she was in Montreal a few weeks ago. How do I send it to you?

    Dick Lowry

  38. Ask the Boater Says:

    @ Dick, Please send to “info AT” Replace with the @ sign.

  39. L. Pett Says:

    Blue Moon was in Milwaukee WI on 7/31/11

  40. Robert Gadigian Says:

    Seen the Blue Moon going down the Detroit River Saturday 9-17-11 heading out into lake Erie. Who the heck owns this Yatch?

  41. Bob & Joan Says:

    We saw Blue Moon heading south down the St Clair River in Algonac, MI on September 15th at 12:00 noon.

  42. Jackie Says:

    On 7-7-2012 my husband and saw “Blue Moon”. I don’t have an exact time but I think it was around 9:00 AM. What a beauty!

  43. LeeAnne S Says:

    Blue Moon is definately in Montreal. I saw her this evening (Aug 1, 2012) docked in the Old Port

  44. Raymondo Says:

    Hi everybody!
    We saw Blue Moon on 3rd August down St. Lawrence river at Thousand Islands area heading towards Lake Ontario. I took few pictures as she passed.

  45. Ask the Boater Says:

    @ Raymondo,
    You can send pics to info AT

  46. Janna Says:

    She is traveling south on the St Clair River that runs down the eastern side of Michigan

  47. Kim Henning Says:

    We saw Blue Moon Yacht at the Thousand Islands- Clayton, NY. That thing IS HUGE!!!

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