Best iPhone/ Touch Apps

Best iPhone/ Touch Apps

The iPhone or iPod Touch are both fabulous for boaters.  You get a tiny device that is essentially Apple’s version of a netbook and more.  I use the iPod Touch since still on Verizon through work for phone (BB Curve), but definitely looking to switch.  With the iPod Touch you can do most of what you can with the iPhone, but obviously can’t make calls or get on the internet unless in wifi range.  Of course most marinas have wifi these days.

The Touch is one of the greatest gadgets ever, and worth every penny.  You can listen to music while you are reading your email, playing a game, or surfing the internet.  On top of that, you can watch crystal clear videos or use many productivity tools.  There are tons of apps (applications) that download in seconds from iTunes and many of them are free.

My favorite apps are:

Tweetie, Facebook, SpeedBrain, CliqCliq Colors, Tap Tap Revenge,  Wifinder, ebay mobile, Instapaper, and Price Is Right.

2nd String includes AOL Radio, LinkedIn, Backgrounds, Urban Spoon, Speedtest, Google mobile, Flixster, and Acid Solitaire.

Obviously being a Twitter power user, I have tried other twitter apps like Twitterific, TwitterFon, Twittervision, and Twittelator, but Tweetie is my all time favorite as recommended by Rob Bloggeries Twitter (Bloggeries) and Sharlyn Lauby.

Here are some faves from twitter friends:

Sharlyn Lauby likes Tweetie, Pandora_Radio, Bonsai Blast, and Neko . Twitter (sharlyn_lauby)

Brian Hoff likes evernote. Twitter (behoff)

Burlington Boatyard likes Powerboat Challenge and Flick Fishing. Twitter (anchored_in_vermont)

Rich Lazarra likes twitterific, facebook and sportstap. Twitter (rlazarra)

Tom Carmony says he likes TwitterFon, Trip Cubby (for tracking business mileage), and Simplify Media (for streaming home iTunes to his iPhone)    Twitter (TomCarmony)

Nicki Black says her fave is Pandora – hands down. Twitter (NikiBlack)

Veronica Domeier likes Things, CameraBag, Instapaper, CliqCliq Colors & Shazam!

Twitter (ronicadesign)

Ron Hekier loves Thumbtacts.  Twitter (ronhekier)

Arbrining likes twitterific, myspace and facebook. Twitter (arbrining)

Ken Brand is fond of Google voice activated search.  Twitter (KenBrand)

Versa Dave likes Ocarina. Twitter (Versadave)

Ekkie likes Fring.  Twitter (Ekkieboy)

Try some of these out, especially the free ones and leave a comment with any faves you have so we can all add them to our repetoire.  And if you are a Twitter user, follow some of my Tweet buddies.  🙂

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  1. Bloggeries Says:

    Glad you like Tweetie; it’s awesome isn’t it?

  2. River Girl Says:

    It is my all time favorite app! Wish it was available as a Mac application also! Thanks for turning me on to Tweetie!

  3. Doug Says:

    Hi…ATB,I can’t get by without my… Pandora,Shazam,stitcher,iexpense,Trip Cubby,air sharing,mobile files Pro,and you may want to look @ Zhing.

  4. Ron Hekier Says:

    I’ve been using Twittelator but will try Tweetie. Also forgot to mention WordPress app for WP bloggers.

  5. River Girl Says:

    You will love it, Ron. Go to setting and change view to standard instead of bubbles. Much better.

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    I work for a publishing company (and am a ASA certified sailer…if only I had a boat). We publish the Chapman Guides and are interested in creating mobile applications for boaters. I’ve put together a survey so we can get an idea of what may be most useful to boaters. If any of you have the time fill it out. You may see a handy Guide to Navigation Rules on you iPhone very soon. 🙂

  7. River Girl Says:

    Thanks Elizabeth. Will try to get some interest in the survey on Twitter for you.

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you! I appreciate it. What is your twitter handle? Mine is @betsyp I will follow you and some of the boating buddies.

  9. River Girl Says:

    It is See you on twitter.

  10. Watch Movies on Iphone Says:

    If you’d like to watch movies on your Iphone, you’ve come to the right place. In order to do this, you have a few different choices and ways to go about it.

  11. KAP Says:

    GPSLite – free GPS app. Pretty cool!

  12. BC Racer Says:

    Droid uses can checkout a new sailing app for the Droid. Search BC Racer on the android market.

  13. Gary Says:

    If you’re a cruiser (or not) you can now take a miniature H1 (John Harrison’s first longitude clock) along for good luck.

  14. Grahame Says:

    I recommend iNavX which is a full featured charting app for the iPhone and iPad. Used with Avia Sail on an onboard PC it can repeat NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 data from the boat’s instruments, giving you a full set of sailing instruments in your hand. Very cool!

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