Famous Megayacht Visits Clayton

Famous Megayacht Visits Clayton

Saturday morning the147′  Gran Finale appeared in the Clayton Harbor.  A large inflatable tender took people to shore (perhaps to the museum).  They traveled upriver from there and moored at the Rochester Yacht Club, where the passengers had dinner.  Amazing that the megayacht could fit on the wall there!  This site monitors the progress of mega yachts. It appears that this Delta Marine is owned by an American according to Megayacht News.

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  1. Diane M. Byrne Says:

    The yacht has been owned by an American for many years, but it’s not Ivana Trump.

  2. Ask the Boater Says:

    Thanks for the update Diane.

  3. Richard Says:

    It is definitly not ivana i have a picture of the people on the deck!!
    Looks kinda like paula dean!

  4. River Girl Says:

    Would love to see the picture! Where was it taken?

  5. mike Says:

    It was docked at Erie basin marina(Buffalo) on 7/12.

  6. River Girl Says:

    Any sign of Paula Dean? 🙂

  7. Leah Says:

    So Who does this boat belong to cause ive heard 3 diff people and i kno not everyone has this boat

  8. River Girl Says:

    If anyone has info on this, please post a comment!

  9. rick Says:

    at mackinaw island today 7/24 rumor at the marina is its a trump

  10. Jeff Says:

    Our Office designed the yacht for an American business, who would like to remain anonymous, and who is definatelty not a Trump, or Dean.

    The boat has traveled as far away as New Zealand, and is currently visiting the Great Lakes this summer.

  11. River Girl Says:

    Thanks for the info!

  12. Todd Says:

    Boat is currently docked in Sheboygan Wisconsin

  13. Meghan Says:

    Hey I did a little digging…the boat is owned by Paul Allen. He used to work for Microsoft.

  14. dees Says:

    rochester yacht clubMegayacht Visits Clayton | Ask the Boater

  15. Dees Says:

    rochester yacht club ‘rochester yacht club’Megayacht Visits Clayton | Ask the Boater

  16. Tina Says:

    The boat was docked at the Waukegan Yacht Club last night (8/17/2008)- Waukegan is about 45 minutes north of Chicago. It was after 9pm and all of the interior and exterior lights were on- very impressive. We were able to take a few pictures and then we decided to look up the name of the yacht online. Wonder who the mystery owner is…some say Mark Cuban or Sir Richard Branson…or??

  17. Wern Says:

    Fascinating. Wanna read more about it. Will it be continued?

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