Get Ready for Winter

Get Ready for Winter

It’s that sad time of year for boaters up north to get our boats ready for the long winter.  There are many great tips have been written about the process of winterizing but it seems there are a couple of simple but important tasks that often go unmentioned.
Just prior to haul out, Captain Fixit gives the bilge area a good cleaning with grease removal soap.  Once the boat is out of the water it is important to remove all the water from the sump and other parts of the bilge. This allows the bilge to dry over the winter and prevents freezing.
Our boat is stored in a boathouse, as pictured above, and as soon as it is inside, Captain Fixit opens all windows and hatches to help it dry out properly.  Bilge hatches are left open all winter to promote good air circulation.

These are all simple things and require little time, but your boat will appreciate your efforts.

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