Hermione, 1925 Elco

Hermione, 1925 Elco

This summer we got a chance to see Hermione, a 56′ Elco.  They Owners brought Hermione up the inter-coastal from Florida to attend the Antique Boat Show in Clayton this past August.  She is a 1925 Elco registered in Dover, Delaware and is kept in excellent original shape. Built in Bayone NJ, as were al the Elcos, Hermione has a rich history. Owner Capt. Mike Wright is the fifth Owner of the boat and he can be reached for charter information at this site.

You can learn more about Elco and a cruising companion of Hermione, Zephyr III in this post.

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  1. Kelly Doke Says:

    Wow! I remember growing up in Colonial Beach, Virginia in the nineties and living at the boatyard where the Hermione resided for many many years. I remember the Ragsdales owned her for about forty years or so, before Richard _______ bought her, and had his vintage Chris Craft Zoe Clare tied up at the same marina. That is so neat to see the old girl still alive and kickin’!

  2. Kelly Doke Says:

    I also remember as a kid growing up at Stanford’s marine railway when Sloan Wilson was living aboard his ketch Pretty Betty III with his wife Betty, and I want to say my mother helped him with some of the editing on the manuscript “talking boat”, but I could be wrong…

  3. Jody Reynolds Says:

    Capt. Mike Wright and I have owned Hermione for three years and 10,000 miles. We spent last winter aboard in SW Florida, freezing with the fish and the flowers. Currently we are in the Hudson River heading nnorth to the St. Lawrence River and 1000 Islands for the summer.

    Hermione is 85, and she’s a fantastic boat. We are priviledged to own her ….

  4. River Girl Says:

    Thanks for writing. We would love to have some picture of Hermione on her way!

  5. Rory Campbell-Gibson Says:

    We have just spotted Hermione from the deck of our cruise ship as we head up the Hudson. What a beautiful boat! We have a similar style of gentleman’s motor cruiser in Scotland from the Silver boatyard on the Clyde but Hermione is even more beautiful. Great prividge to see her!

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