Name That Boat Huge Contest ($650+)

Name That Boat Huge Contest ($650+)

You are going to love this contest.  The first prize is a package worth over $500 and there are 5 additional prizes!

About the Boat

This is not just any boat you’re helping to name – it is a boat that will be rowed in the Woodvale Challenge Atlantic Rowing Race from La Gomera, Canary Islands to Antigua, West Indies (approximately 2,900 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean).   Currently the only American team signed up to race is comprised of all women rowers, including Anne Miltenberger, Kelly Nothstein, and Lauren Greenspon, who plan on making history by breaking the world speed record for the route they are rowing, while trying to bring attention to the environment by supporting Keep America Beautiful.  We need your help naming the boat of these transatlantic rowers!

The Details

Ask the Boater is co-sponsoring this contest with Custom Boat Names, and it is very easy to enter.  Simply enter your suggestion for the boat name in the comments below.

If you blog about this contest and link back to us, you will get an additional entry (be sure we get the trackback or post the link in the comments below).

Subscribing to the blog by email (top right corner) earns an additional entry, so you can get a total of 3 entries.

First Place Package ($500+ Value)
  1. Perricone M.D. skin care products (value$100)
  2. In home computer service from NerdsToGo (value $100)
  3. Defying Empire Book by Thomas Truxes (value $30)
  4. Autographed copy of the book “Guide to Pirate Parenting”
  5. Russell Organics gift set of Organic Shower Gel ( value $64)
  6. Vinyl Boat Lettering Package from Custom Boat Names (value $100)
  7. Gift Certificate to Boat Name Gear (value $100)
Additional Winners ($150 Value)

Five additional lucky winners will be chosen randomly for the following prizes:

Be sure to complete your entries soon – contest ends March 31, 2009!

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34 Comments For This Post

  1. Capt. Brenda G. Thomas Says:

    My boat name suggestion is “Cassiopeia”.

    I also tweeted you at

    I own the Schooner Isaac H. Evans and we sail in the Maine windjammer fleet. We are the only windjammer that has ever had an all-female crew. Some of the boats have come close but they all have male captains so that doesn’t count!

    I’ll be cheering for you and wish you a safe passage.

  2. Ron Hekier Says:

    My suggestion is “Alethia” the greek goddess of truth. On a voyage such as this, only the truth remains.

    Safe passage!

  3. Rachael Keilin Says:

    OK, I’m not as classically oriented as the above commenters. How ’bout shattered glass ceiling? Great Expectations? Something female power oriented
    Best of luck!

  4. Nancy - Your Cruising Editor Says:

    My entry is “Americas Puddle Paddler”. See link back to you in this week’s issue of The Cruising Compass (, out Thursday, Mar.19!

    Will Tweet too!

  5. Kale Beyer Says:

    My suggestion is the ancient Greek hero Xenophon, the man who led his army back to Greece

  6. Ray Wood Says:

    My suggestion for the boat’s name is Purple Heart.
    Best of luck ladies!

  7. T. Arthur Boing Says:

    Name it the “Babe-alicious”

  8. Brian Leslie Says:

    Just call it SIMPLE PLAN as the idea of saving the enviroment doesn’t need to be complicated, just as crossing a body of water doesn’t need always require expensive or high tech boats.
    Keep it simple Ladies.
    Good Luck.

  9. Tyne Caouette Says:

    (sonic commodore) how about that name?

  10. Julie Hendrix Says:

    I wanted to enter my name suggestion for the boat “ALL IN STRIDE” First I am so proud of these women Anne, Kelly & Lauren for being the only American Women to row across the Atlantic-God Speed ahead. I thought of them being All together in stride. All in stride means : In good spirits, to get all you can get within a single step.

  11. Young Says:

    I would like to call the boat Beyond.:-)

  12. Michal Norden Says:

    How about “Gender Bender” ?

  13. Kelly Says:

    To Mr. Young – If you are a title sponsor, you CAN name the boat ANYTHING you want!

  14. gary Says:

    How bout ImeltsFolly, in honor of the professionalism of the leadership of GE?

  15. Michael Folsom Says:

    It might sound odd, but I say go with Purple Loafer… its a play on the shoe Penny Loafer. It looks like a womans small shoe to me!

  16. Audrey Says:

    “Flower Rowers” as a pun on flowing, the ease with which you will all reach your destination, and flowers, the reference to the feminine divinity of the all female rowers.

  17. kellirc Says:

    “Talise” is a native American name that means beautiful waters.

  18. David Says:

    How about Continental Crusader

  19. Lou Says:

    “Broad Board”

  20. Don Says:

    Lady’s Choice

  21. David McCuen Says:

    How about “Roe Boat”

  22. Ann Creel Says:

    Atlantic Lady or Lady ‘Lantic

  23. Cindy Says:

    I have 2 suggestions, the first is “Gals of Fury” and the second is “Dames at Sea”.

  24. Joe Says:

    Womens Jib

    The fantastic oar (fantastic four)

    No mans land

    The River Dames

  25. TheoDio Says:

    How about “Sea Stroke”

  26. Captain Monika Mitchell Says:

    I name her Purple Paddler! Best of luck ladies!

  27. Multi Manic Says:

    Name it PURPLE ROWING (sorry Prince)…

  28. Julie Hendrix Says:

    So who is the winner?

  29. Ask the Boater Says:

    Julie, there was a delay with the girls selection, and we hope to announce all the winners this week. Thanks for the patience.

  30. sammy d Says:

    call it Karmas a Beach

  31. Ask the Boater Says:

    The name of the boat selected by the team is Festina Lente. Larry submitted the winning response, and is the grand prize winner.

  32. Boats Says:

    Nice looking boat, didn’t have the foggiest about its name tho… 🙁

  33. Susan Jones Says:

    “DOCK HOLIDAY” would be my suggestion!

    Susan Jones

  34. marina fl Says:

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