Catamaran in French Bay

Catamaran in French Bay

This 62′ multihull slipped into our harbor at the tail end of the Antique Boat Race Regatta last Saturday.  The crew was on its way back to the Caribbean, and was bringing the catamaran back from Chicago, where Lickity Split 2 participated in the Race to Mackinac sponsored by the Chicago Yacht Club.   In May, Lickity Split 2 collected a silver medal and champagne at Stanford Antigua Sailing Week.   It was docked within 50′ of our boat overnight.  Can you believe the beam on this $3M+ multihull?

Have you seen Lickity Split 2 in her travels?  If so, please comment below.  We would also love a picture!

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  1. River Girl Says:

    It was really windy in the morning when they left the dock. How did they get out of that space by themselves without hitting anything? Good thing Dottie didn’t see it. 🙂