Linda Lou/ Blue Moon Contest Winners

Linda Lou/ Blue Moon Contest Winners

It is time to announce the winners of the Linda Lou and Blue Moon Photo Contest. There were so many excellent photos and we appreciate all of the submissions, even the last minute entries.  Thanks to all of you who entered.  Great shots!

The results are in, and we were quite surprised to note that our judges (who viewed the submissions separately) came up with the same selections!  The winners are Patsy Reid (Linda Lou) and Colin White (Blue Moon) for the photos shown.  Patsy was camping at Jacques Cartier Campground on the American side, and got in her boat to get the photo as Linda Lou passed through Brockville, Ontario on August 26th or 27th.    Colin took his shot of Blue Moon in Montreal Old Port on July 18th.  Be sure to click to enlarge the photos.




We would also like to thank the judges who joined us for this event: Diane Byrne of MegaYacht News and Rich Lazzara of Lazzara Yachts.

Patsy and Colin, please contact us to select your gift certificate (Amazon, iTunes, or Boat Name Gear).

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  1. Guy Mitrano Says:


    Great work with this photo submission contest, what a fun and interactive way to spark a sense of excitement among all of us in the boating community.

    The photos are fantastic and I always appreciate all the hard work you put into getting all of us in the marine world to collaborate both online, and on the water.

    Also, thanks to you Rich and Diane for judging. Couldn’t have had a more qualified pair.

    All the best,


    Guy Mitrano
    Chief Executive Officer
    Burlington Boatyard, LLC

  2. River Girl Says:

    Thanks Guy. It was exciting to see the photos as well as the comments over the past several weeks tracking both vessels. Some of the comments went on posts from last year (that is what happens from Google search). Appreciate your friendship!

  3. captainsmom Says:

    Each documented tracking and photo was exciting and brought lasting joy!

  4. Ask the Boater Says:

    @Captain’s Mom
    Thanks for hooking us up with your son!