Mega Yacht Blue Moon – UPDATED

Mega Yacht Blue Moon – UPDATED

This 198′ beauty (2002 Feadship)  was docked at Frink Park in Clayton.  According to one source, the Owner was there looking at property in the islands.  The owner, Mr Duchossois commissioned Donald Starkey to design the yacht  including interiors, which was built by RVL.   The naval Architect was De Voogt International. Hogarth has supplied 24 carat lights for this $50M mega yacht and there is an installed Vitalink 1200 telemedic system.  She is equipped with two 1650 hp Caterpillar diesel engines, and an elevator that is reminiscent of Startrek.  Luxist has some interior shots of the boat.

If you love Blue Moon, like we do, check out these other photos and comments by many fans.

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26 Comments For This Post

  1. J Kromet Says:

    So where is the Blue Moon today? I would love to go and see it, she is marvelous!

  2. Rowan Marshall Says:

    Blue Moon is in Halifax tonight – she’s amazing 🙂

  3. steve harned Says:

    Gorgeous yacht on the Halifax Nova Scotia waterfront this week.

  4. Chris Says:

    Just saw her in savana Georgia

  5. melanie Says:

    The blue moon is right outside my hotel balcony in savannah, ga. Amazing!

  6. John&Allison Fruits Says:

    Blue moon is here in Savannah Harbour now….beautiful boat! We are watching them slip out of their slippers now!

  7. John&Allison Fruits Says:

    Blue Moon is in Savannah Harbor right now..she is beautiful!

  8. Dan & Sue Stiles Says:

    Beautiful yacht. Saw her last week in Savannah, GA. We spoke briefly with a very courteous crew member.

  9. Kim Hansen Says:

    Blue Moon today 3/23/13 is Docked in St. Martin setting beside her is the Limitless, the largest private in the Us both Ships are Stunning…

  10. Pierre Says:

    Today, August 2, 2013 This incredible yacht is in Montréal. She is docked at King Edward Pier. It is my first chance to admire this yacht that closed. This is a must for yacht fans. My comment last year was mentionning the year 2013 by mistake. I would have never believed, it would be in Montreal on that specific date again.

  11. clayton Says:

    Blue Moon is docked in Clayton, NY, what a beautiful boat on the beautiful St. Lawrence River.

  12. Betty Says:

    The Blue Moon stopped in Clayton, NY and re-fueled here. She is absolutely beautiful! She WOW’s everyone wherever she goes!

  13. Lorraine Says:

    Saw her while visiting Singer Castle, on Dark Island, in the 1000 Islands. All I can say is WOW! She’s a beauty.

  14. Corvair Says:

    She’s now in Thorold, ON , heading south through the Welland Canal locks to Lake Erie.

  15. Tic Says:

    Just passes through St. Clair River. North bound into Lake Huron.

  16. Barbara Says:

    Bellesimo! Saw the Blue Moon docked in Clayton, August 2013 sorry I missed the Captain and it’s crew.

  17. Kevin McNamara Says:

    Blue moon is at Burnham harbor in Chicago parked next to perseverance ll

  18. DR Says:

    Saw Blue Moon today (8-25-13)at Harbor Springs, Michigan. Wow, incredible beautiful yacht. Quite impressive.

  19. glenn bothe Says:

    WOW ,Blue Moon incredible sight looked today and dreamed of the pleasure she gives .Chicago September 2 2013

  20. Susan Says:

    She Came through the Welland canal a few days ago. Pretty spectacular!

  21. Jeff Wiesendanger Says:

    Saw the Blue Moon 2/5/14 @ 12:54 PM going through Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas.

  22. Peter sepetanc Says:

    Morning just saw the blue moon passing our house in amherstburg Ontario at 8 am Tuesday August 5th. I have a picture but do. to know how to send or post

  23. Karen S Says:

    Saw the Blue moon traveling down the St. Clair river past Sarnia On. Aug 5 2014 about 7:30 P.M. heading out into lake Huron

  24. Karen S Says:

    I meant Aug 5 2014

  25. Bob Says:

    My family and I saw “Blue Moon” at Harbor Springs, Michigan. One Beautiful well kept Yacht!

  26. Mark Says:

    Blue Moon is docked in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Its been there for a day or two. WOW what a vessel. It dwarfs all the other multimillion dollar boats that are nearby.