Mega Yacht Lady M

Mega Yacht Lady M


Lady M has been spotted out and about.  Check the comments below to see the route and where she is traveling.  Check all the other posts about Lady M!


This weekend, the motor yacht Lady M visited the area.  This 1994 Dutch-built yacht from Belize is 164′ long.  According to several websites, you can spend $180,000 to use her for 1 week.   There were rumors that Lady M belonged to Ringo Starr, which the paper said was not true, but others say is correct.  Listening to the Captain on the shipping channel they did quite a bit of touring in the islands and after spending the evening docked at Frink Park, they left, escorted out by a water spouting Clayton Rescue Fire Boat toward Carleton Island then to Kingston to spend the night.  While in the area, guests visited a home on Round Island and a small Clayton contingent including the Mayor and people from the museum went aboard the yacht for a private tour and party.  As always, all of our pictures are clickable to enlarge and many are also on Flickr.  Please leave a comment if you spot Lady M in her travels.





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11 Comments For This Post

  1. Darryl Says:

    Docked in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada today, but has been exploring the local rivers.

  2. S. Hines Says:

    Sailing by Cape Sable Island , Nova Scotia right off my bow

  3. Alison Kavanaugh Says:

    Anchored in Burin harbour right outside my office window (Heritage Cafe). She’s been travelling the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland for the past few days.

  4. Margie M Says:

    Anchored just outside the lift bridge in Placentia. Arrived this morning and still there this evening. Has been a great attraction all day.

  5. Dale Kielly Says:

    This beautiful Yacht is now anchored of The Lower Coast in Trepassey, The Southern Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. Beautiful Ship.

  6. Cheryl K Says:

    Docked at St. John’s NL tonight.

  7. Lorne J. Youden Says:

    Anchored in Brigus harbour today.

  8. Esau Hopkins Says:

    Docked at Englee, NL today (August 17, 2016).

  9. Karen Hatcher Says:

    Anchored in Charlottetown Labrador today (August 21 2016) for a few hours.

  10. Kim Morris Says:

    She’s in Cartwright, Labrador, Canada today! Who owns it?

  11. Vaunita Moores Says:

    The Lady M 2 Is Docked Here In Happy Valley Goose Bay NL Canada. Beautiful Yacht. Happy Sailing To Whomever Is On This Yacht.???