Never Wax Your Boat Again

Never Wax Your Boat Again

Captain FixIt is ecstatic.  After much research, he decided to try a new product, PoliGlow .  This amazing product takes the place of wax on fiberglass. You apply 5-6 thin coats after cleaning the surface.  Since the coats are thin, they dry quickly.  The shine is amazing. The fiberglass looks like new even when dry!  Captain FixIt rates this product a perfect 10!

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  1. River Girl Says:

    A boater came to talk to Captain FixIt the other day. He was watching the application of Poliglow on the transom from the town dock (2 marinas away) and couldn’t believe the shine he could see from that far away. He had to know what it was! Must have been using some good glasses. 🙂