Perseverance II Megayacht

Perseverance II Megayacht

We have some readers who have seen Perseverance II moving this week.  Thanks for Joe and Peter for the updates.  If anyone sees Perseverance in her trip south, we would love to have a picture so we can post for others to enjoy!

July 19th Post

Perseverance II passed through the channel going upriver.  This 123′ megayacht has four staterooms, and 6 crewmembers.  It appears that you can charter the megayacht in the Mediterranean .  Wonder why it was in the Saint Lawrence.  Does anyone have any info on this?

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  1. Joe Says:

    the Perseverance II was on its way to Chicago to spend the summer, owned by Mike Palumbo one of Chicago’s wealthiest financiers

  2. River Girl Says:

    Thanks Joe. Appreciate the update.

  3. Robert Says:

    On the 12th. of october, in the afternoon, the Perseverance II passed in front of my house, in Contrecoeur, near Sorel, probably on its way back to Kingston where it is registered.
    One of the most beautyfull yachts I ever saw.

  4. River Girl Says:

    Appreciate the update. She sure is a beauty.

  5. Joe Says:

    Perseverance II was on its way to South Beach Miami to meet up with its Chicago owner who will the sail to St Barts for the winter

  6. River Girl Says:

    Thanks for the info. Where is Perseverance now?

  7. Peter Says:

    Came in at ‘Bahia Mar’ / Ft. Lauderdale today

  8. Ask the Boater Says:

    Thanks Peter! Can you get a photo?

  9. Todd Says:

    I just saw her in Sopers Hole on the west end of Tortola. She was here one night and then split.

  10. Ask the Boater Says:

    Do you have a picture? Thanks for the update!

  11. Joe Says:

    Perseverance II just passed under the Confederation Bridge!

  12. River Girl Says:

    Outstanding! Thanks for letting us know. If you can get a photo, we would appreciate it!

  13. Coldy Says:

    Perseverance II is now in the city of Sept-Îles, Québec, Canada.

    He arrived yesterday.

  14. Gilles Says:

    I can get a photo while at the Old Warf in Sept-Iles… Hoe can I get the picture to you River Girl.

  15. Gilles Says:

    I now have a photo of the MY.

  16. Coldy Says:

    From what I heard, Perseverance II seems to have some engine problem.

    Here two pictures:

  17. River Girl Says:

    @ Gilles,
    Thanks for the pictures, they are in this post.

    Thanks for the info. Did you take the pictures?

  18. Coldy Says:

    I asked my brother to take those pictures since I was on the Job (I work for the Port of Sept-Iles).

    Two big boats in the same week (We got our first cruise ship Tuesday morning)

    Normally, we only see Bulkcarrier for the Iron ore.

  19. River Girl Says:

    2 Coldy,
    Thanks for the pictures!

  20. Sylvie Says:

    Whose the owner or the Perseverance II

  21. Bob Nowak Says:

    Just talked to one of the crew of PerseveranceII. It arrived at the Erie Basin Marina this morning after going thru the Welland Canal. He said they are on the way to Chicago. They are about 20 days behind schedule because of engine problems along the way. They just fueled up with nearly 7000 gallons of fuel, but are not full. Two (smaller) tankers fueled them, but because of the set up at the Erie Basin Marina, that’s all that could get into it so they got less than a full fill up. Might leave today to continue on to Chicage.

  22. Ask the Boater Says:

    Thanks for the info. See our other post on Perseverance II.

  23. PJ Ryan Says:

    Perseverance II on the Move
    Spotted on the Detroit River heading upstream at 11:30 hrs, Tuesday 9 Jun 09.

  24. Blue Water Bill Says:

    She just passed by my house on the St. Clair River, 50 miles north of Detroit.

  25. Karen Says:

    We live in Sarnia Ontario and have just seen Perseverance II pass by on the St. Clair River.

  26. Ian Cryer Says:

    We observed the Perseverance II pass under the Bluewater Bridges over the St. Clair River between Sarnia, ON and Port Huron MI on June 9th just after 5:30. Beautiful yacht – I have several photos!

  27. Tim & Gail Says:

    6/11/09 at 8:15,PM, The Perseverance 11 just pulled in Chicago at Burnham Harbor today.

  28. Ask the Boater Says:

    Ian’s recent photos are posted here:

  29. Frank Says:

    Was lucky enough to have been invited aboard for a 4 of July party on perserverance II. Beautiful boat, Stellar crew and gracious host. Thanks for a great night Mike.

  30. BirdsEyeView Says:

    Perseverance II is hanging out on Lake Michigan along Lake Shore Drive, Chicago. Just took a picture of her from our 52nd floor.

  31. River Girl Says:

    Thanks for letting us know. If you want me to post your picture, pls email to info (AT) asktheboater (DOT) com.

  32. Jeannine Says:

    Just got back from the city and got to see the Perseverance leave Burnham Harbor. It had some beautiful young ladies up on top. It was headed north.

  33. Ask the Boater Says:

    Jeannine – do you have any photos for us?

  34. joyce Says:

    A gorgeous ship. How much might it be worth?

  35. Dar & John Says:

    October 4, 2009
    Perseverance 11 was tied up at the Erie Harbor Marina. No one aboard, huge winds bouncing her off the docks.

  36. Jeannine Says:

    Hi There
    I DO have pictures. I can e-mail them to you. Let me know the e-mail address.

  37. Robert Says:

    The Perseverence is currently tied up at the wharf at Abitibi-Bowater’s Mersey newsprint mill in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. She apparently has some engine troubles and they are awaiting the delivery of required parts before he resumes her voyage.

  38. Schemer Says:

    Saw the Perseverance II tied up at the Beaufort, North Carolina waterfront.

  39. Charlie Clark Says:

    Perservance II was in Beaufort NC ON Sunday. According to the Dockmaster she came in saturday night around 10 o’clock pm.

    Saw a few crewmembers but did not get to talk to them.I took a few pictures,will try to post later if they look ok.

    This was seen on Sunday,Oct. 26

  40. admin Says:

    @Charlie Please send the photos to info AT Thx

  41. Pierte Says:

    June 18th 2010
    Seen in Montreal (Quebec) Old Port.

    What a yacht!

  42. Ask the Boater Says:

    Thanks for the update. If you have any photos, pls send them to info AT

  43. David Shovan Says:

    I live in Marine City MI on the St. Clair River. It is now June 22, and this boat just passed my house going up river to Lake Huron. I assume Chicago as mentioned last year. A beautiful yacht.

  44. Paul Wasserman Says:

    It’s in Burnham Harbor in Chicago now – saw it this afternoon, June 25th.

  45. Jennifer Musco Says:

    I saw the beautiful yacht in Wilson, NY, right on the other side of Toronto. We were in aww. We some some crew members and a boat come out the back of it. I did get some good pics of it!

  46. Olivier Says:

    Perseverance II is in chicago’s burn ham harbor (July 11 2010)

  47. Joseph Frischmann Says:

    Perseverance II currently in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. It apparently has generator problems and is attempting to have Palmer Johnson repair the problem.

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