Phillipe Stark Mega Yacht “A”

Phillipe Stark Mega Yacht “A”

Reader Lee Mayne from Malta was able to get these great pictures of the Phillipe Stark designed mega yacht, “A” in the rain yesterday.  One of the most recently built and unusual yachts to grace the Mediterranean, the “A” arrived in Grand Harbour.

The $300 million, 390 foot giga yacht “A” was built by the German shipyard Blohm and Voss. It was designed by Philippe Stark for 36-year-old Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. He ordered it for his wife Aleksandra, a former Serbian supermodel, hence the name “A”.

Contrary to contemporary vessels, the “A” is a radical design, mostly enclosed and with the bow sloping out at waterline level, rather than curving down from the main deck.

The superstructure is concentrated in the middle of the hull, giving the yacht the appearance of a giant white submarine when seen from a distance. There is a helicopter pad on the bow and a pool at the stern.

Additional photos that Lee took are located here, and there are fantastic detail shots on this siteYachts.Monaco Eye has additional shots of “A” and a video of Phillipe Stark.

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    Hi Patel,
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  3. River Girl Says:

    This list must need updating since “A” not listed.

  4. Philippe Starck Says:

    I love the designs of Philippe Starck, really adds a touch of exclusivity and style to everything it touches. Good post!