The Best App Is Better!

The Best App Is Better!

We previously told you why you should have an iPhone or iPod Touch – all the functionality and the apps!  Now, our two favorite apps have a great marriage.  Tweetie, the all time best app for Twitter, now has plugins for Instapaper.  Tweetie 1.2e has features to load more tweets (up to 100), and a great swipe feature.  You swipe over a tweet and you can reply or see info about the tweeter.  Tweetie is the fastest twitter app and has trends, search and nearby in addition to regular features. You will need to go to settings to change from bubbles to a standard view which fits many more tweets on the page/screen.

Our second favorite app, Instapaper, converts websites that you save on your computer or iPhone/Touch into very readable documents to read later(on the computer or iPod/iPhone).  Tweetie allows you to bookmark a link from within a tweet into an Instapaper entry.  Fabulous!!!

If you have an older version on Tweetie, be sure to upgrade to the new version (free upgrade if you own the $2.99 app).  Also decided to upgrade to the pro version of Instapaper, and so glad!  It allows you to rotate the page to landscape, and to tilt to scroll as well as many customizing features.

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