Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boaters

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boaters

What do you give your favorite boater for Valentine’s Day?

  • A Kindle 2, which was just announced this week, would be great.  You can download a ton of books, magazines and newspapers into a 10.4 oz. device, and get instand downloads of new books, and blogs with the built in 3G wireless.  Think of how much space you can save.  Boaters: admit it – you have lots of books and magazines taking up precious room on your boat!  The fact that it is very easy to read even in bright sunlight is surely a plus.  The best deal is that it can read to you.  So let’s say you are reading a book on the boat, and then have to get in the car to go back to reality(home).  The Kindle knows where you are in the book and can read to you in the car.  Then when you reach your destination, you can resume reading on the Kindle.  There are numerous videos that show the complete story.
  • You just knew that we would mention the  iPod Touch, our favorite gadget.
  • Gift cards for your favorite marine store, iTunes, and Amazon are always welcome.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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  1. Kyle Webs Says:

    Sounds nice(:
    but there’s just something about magazines.
    what if you accidently drop it in the water? id rather stay safe with a cheap magazine than worrying about that.

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